TheAwesomeCODgamer (Super Minecraft Kid 2.0)
Some attributes
First Friends: FNAF Fans, His subscribers
Second Enemies: NIcholas Lane (arch-enemy,) Trevor Miscewitz, Liam Eytcheson
Third Quotes: "It's a ripoff of Call Of Duty."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" "Everything's screwing the fuck up on my computer, like what the fuck?" "I hate Fallout."

Other attributes

TheAwesomeCODgamer is a spoiled shitlord who attacks people who hate FNAF, Minecraft or Call Of Duty. He is similar to Michael because he makes animation videos, except even worse. He states that he has an older and younger sibling, in which he both hates. He has a disturbing fetish for FNAF characters. He is also a fan of halo. He rants on TF2, claiming it is a ripoff of the Call of Duty franchise, and Star Wars, for being a Halo ripoff.


In his Animated series, he wears a blue shirt with a bullet belt, and has brown hair.


He is docile when someone is nice to him, but he also has mental anger issues just like Super Minecraft Kid. If he is angry about one thing he can go on a full temper tantrum for hours. It is unknown how someone can have such an aggressive nature even over the slightest things. Maybe childhood trauma, maybe he saw his friends doing it and he thinks it is ok to exaggerate on his anger, maybe he just got the bad genes.