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Steve of Minecraft is the main sidekick of Michael in the Minecraft Animated series. Steve helps Michael in adventures.ll Steve is super minecraft kids mentor and trainor. Steve had many abilities such as magic of the diamond sword which sucks SMK into minecraft.he also has great knowledge which he teaches to SMK which gives him his awesome abilities.




Relations: Micheal (Best Friend) Chica (ally) JWM321 (ally) Subscribers (ally)

Enemies:History Teacher, Minecraft and FNAF haters, Balloonz Boy, Dora, Mario,

History Edit

Steve was created as the default avatar for minecraft by notch in alpha. since SMK loves minecraft he used steve as his sidekick and mentor.

Minecraft Animated #1:

Steve joined Michael in episode 1 when Michael was sucked into his computer. he gives him the magical diamond sword, and allys with him to defeat all enemies and save mincraftia.

Minecraft Animated #2

Steve dose'nt do much in this episode. he tells Micheal that they are in five nights at freddys mod.

Minecraft Animated #3

All Steve does is stand there next to Micheal while Chica gives him the "Butter" Sword

Minecraft Animated #4

Steve tells Micheal to save JWM321 from Mario.

Minecraft Animated #5

Steve Trains Micheal and tells him the secret of the "Butter" (golden) sword.

Minecraft Animated #6

Steve fights for Micheal in the Minecraft war.

Minecraft Animated #7

Steve is shot by the History teacher killing him. (Even though Micheal revies chica he dose'nt revive Steve.)