• Super Minecraft kid has made many song covers on minecraft and fnaf, some where written by him and it shows. He can't sing for shit. constantly not knowing the lyrics even to his own songs and not even singing its more like talking with the the music. he also will talk during the instrumental parts saying " I think that was good." or "that was better then last time." (also when he holds a note which he can't he coughs afterwords a lot.
  • FNAF cover 1
    Fnaf song cover-102:56

    Fnaf song cover-1

    Fnaf cover 303:08

    Fnaf cover 3

Fnaf cover 403:48

Fnaf cover 4

Originl song we hate the haters01:17

Originl song we hate the haters

Thrift shop minecraft parody03:33

Thrift shop minecraft parody

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