"minecraft animated 2 (fnaf)" is the 2nd episode of the Minecraft Animated series made by Super Minecraft Kid. The plot begins where Michael and Steve enters a Five Nights at Freddy's mod. Freddy attacks Michael but he gets killed by his diamond sword. Chica enters and complains that Bonnie is being a jerk, and Michael kills him. 


  • Michael
  • Steve
  • Freddy (debut)
  • Chica (debut)
  • Bonnie (debut)


Super Minecraft Kid: "Where are we?"

Steve: "We're at Five Nights at Freddy's mod.

Super Minecraft Kid: "Wow, this place is pretty scary."

(Michael "duns" until he hears something)

Super Minecraft Kid: "Who's there?"

(Freddy enters and screams, Michael takes out sword)

Super Minecraft Kid: "Holy shit it's Freddy! Holy fuck he's gonna fucking kill me gotta fucking kill him first!" 

(Michael slices Freddy a bunch, Chica enters)

Super Minecraft Kid: "Woah!"

Chica: "Help me! Help me! I'm Chica!"

Super Minecraft Kid: "Woah! It's Chica!"

Chica: "Bonnie's being a fucking bully to me!"

Super Minecraft Kid: "I'll stop it Chica, for you. Muhahahaha."

(Michael finds Bonnie)

Super Minecraft Kid: "Shut up you fucking gay! What kind of person has fucking purple. Fucking gay I'm gonna fucking kill you now.

(Michael kills Bonnie with his diamond sword)

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