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Super minecraft kid created a series on his channel called "minecraft animated." It turns out that all the videos tend to be slideshows of MS Paint drawn frames. Since he's using MS Paint, the program does not have transparent color features, which is noticeable from when he holds his Butter/Diamond Sword in one of his videos. Some sounds such as the sword slicing and gun sounds were recorded from his microphone.

Animation StyleEdit

Each character is created by drawing a circle for their head, pitch black lines for eyes and mouths, and a body which is just a one-color-filled rectangle. Whenever a person is in Minecraft, their head must be a square.


The frame from episode 2 where Michael receives the Butter Sword from Chica. This also shows an example of how the pasted picture of the new Butter Sword has an opaque background and messing up part of Michael's chin.

Season 1 Edit

(Note. because someone messed up the episode numbers, episodes 3 and 5 do not have a transcript nor summary. )

Episode 1 Edit

The first episode of minecraft animated starts in Michael's (smk's) history class. Then, the history teacher hands out the grades on the students' test, which, apparently, there are no other students than Michael. Also, the teacher and Michael were swearing and cursing which is not what a real teacher would do. After Michael is sent back home, he decides to play some Minecraft, and the frame where it shows his screen just says



Michael then gets sucked into Minecraft, wondering what happened. Steve then arrives up to Michael and plan to attack his history teacher. The episode closes out with Michael and Steve cheering. Music at the end appears to sound like a remix of Gangnam Style and screen displays text in horrible Calibri/Verdana-ish font saying "the end!"

Transcript: Edit

History Teacher: Alright class, um, this is your 'i-am-the-history-teacher,' and I am giving you back your tests.

Michael: Oh no. I hope I don't fail. [smk reminds audience that the green-shirted character is him. The scene switches to his paper, which has nothing on it but an 'F'] What the fuck? Fucking 'F?!' SHIT!

History Teacher: That's because you're an idiot, Michael. Shut the fuck up!

[transition: "later that day"]

Michael: Oh fuck, I'm gonna get so fucking grounded. Let's play some fucking Minecraft, ok? [screen showing badly drawn Minecraft menu in Arial bold font] Woah! No- what's happening? The computer's sucking me in! [Michael is transported into Minecraftia and it's shaped head turns into a block] What happened?

[Steve appears]

Steve: I am Steve from Minecraft. You are in Minecraftia. Together we will destroy all enemies, and save Minecraftia! What would you like to do first?

Michael: Well, I did want to do something... Give me a diamond sword.

[the scene switches back to school]

History Teacher: Hahaha! Michael is so stupid. He failed the history test. [Michael stabs the History teacher in the side of his head] Please don't kill me. I have a lot to live for. I have a wife and kids!

Michael: Shut the fuck up, you fucking N---- FUCKING... [unintelligible] ...oh my fucking-TEST!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK!!!!!!! We did it! Oh, yeah! What are we gonna do next? ​[text reading 'the end!' appear on screen while a badly recorded version of Gangnam Syle plays in the background]

Episode 2 Edit

Episode 2 starts out as Michael and Steve appearing in the Five Nights at Freddy's mod. Only after a few seconds of the first part of the video, the background changes color and Steve disappears. Michael sings part of the Toreador March (FNAF song). Freddy appears out of nowhere and Michael kills him using his diamond sword. And again about MS Paint, transparency wasn't supported and the background color of the sword was brown as Freddy was. The screen stays black while Michael kills him. After he kills him, Chica is seen with a weird XD-sort-of face (>o<) leaning over to Michael to get Bonnie to stop bullying her. Michael then kills Bonnie as well, when he is also a FNAF fan, so why would he be killing them if he is a fan of them? Does he hate all the characters except Chica?? Anyways, continuing with the plot, the history teacher is seen to be trapped in Hell with balloonz boy (Balloon Boy from FNAF.) Then, the scene switches to Steve and Michael having fun, then wondering what that sound (we dont know if it was a sound that was made by Balloon Boy and the teacher) was. Michael kills Balloon Boy as Balloon Boy is shown with just red scribbles other than blood all over, making it look like he might not be dead. The teacher says he loved him because he's gay. Michael complains at the teacher while the teacher looks up and feels sad. Michael says he is now grounded, which has now happened to this day. The history teacher destroys Michael's sword. Chica then fights back at the teacher in revenge for his diamond sword. How could getting punched by Chica when you're a teacher there could be blood? Chica can only be shown with a bib on for one frame and that is when she attacks the history teacher. Then, she decides that since Michael's sword got destroyed, she gives him a new one, which Michael calls it the butter sword, and of course could be meaning he is a fan of SkyDoesMinecraft. And a little note here, the quote saying "I'll stop it, Chica, for you," smk's grammar pretty crap, huh guys.

Transcript: Edit

Michael: Where are we?

Steve: We are at Five Night's at Freddy's mod.

Michael: Wow, this place is pretty scary. [Michael sings the Toreador March] Who's there?! [Freddy jumpscare] Oh shit, it's Freddy! Holy fuck! He's gonna fucking kill me! Gotta fucking kill him first! [Freddy gets killed] Woah!

Chica: Help me, help me! I'm Chica!

Michael: Woah, it's Chica!

Chica: Bonnie's being a fucking bully to me!

Michael: I'll stop it, Chica, for you. [Bonnie laughs] Shut up, you fucking gay. What kind of person has fucking purple? Fucking gay, motherfucking kill you now.

[Michael kills Bonnie and then switching to the scene where the history teacher is in Hell]

History Teacher: Where am I?

Balloon Boy: You're in Hell. You probably got killed by super fucking minecraft kid. Let's work together and fucking kill him.

History Teacher: Okay.

[back to Steve and Michael]

Balloon Boy: Yeah, ha ha!


History Teacher: No! I was in love with him, because I'm fucking gay.

Michael: Fuck you, history teacher! Fuck you. Fuck you for fucking failing me on that fucking test! Fuuck you! YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE TO LIVE AGAIN!!!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME AN 'F' ON THE FINAL GRADE?!?!?!?!?!?! NOW I'M FUCKING GROUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History Teacher: Take this! [destroys Michaels sword]

Michael: FUCK! MY FUCKING SWORD! [Michael looks sad] Now I have no diamond sword, fuck!

Chica: Take this! ​[she punches the history teacher] 

History Teacher: FUCK! Fucking hit me!

Michael: Chica, you saved me!

Chica: Well it was the least I can do! You saved me from that fucking gay Bonnie. So, now I'm gonna help you, and give you a new sword!

Michael: Oh, fuck yeah! Butter sword! Let's go!

Episode 4 Edit

Michael ends up in a kindergarten place where there is Dora the Explorer and Mario. Smk is whispering the script in the video because of his parents being home. The blood splatters appeal to be more realistic and the drawing style probably seems to be rushed a bit. The episode is a minute long. Then there is a new character named "JWM321," who is kidnapped by Mario. Michael says Mario is for 2 year olds and that they have bad graphics, when the animation by smk is also bad.

Transcript: Edit

Michael: Where are we?

Steve: We are at kindergarten where all the baby TV shows are.

[part of the Dora the Explorer theme is sung]

Dora: I'm fucking gay and I need to die because I'm fucking annoying.

Michael: Take this! Aaahh!

[Michael makes a swoosh sound]

Chica: Now what do we do?

Steve: Now we gotta go save JWM321 from Mario.

Michael: What? That's weird!

JWM321: Help me! HELP ME!

Mario: Hoho! I'm fucking gay n----- shit" [unintelligible] "Ha-haha!

Michael: [Michael kills Mario] Get the fuck out of here! Fuck you. And you're baby graphics. You're for fucking two year olds!! Get the fuck out of here, you fucking n-----! We did it, we saved JWM321. Now, he's a member of our team!

Episode 6 Edit

The scene starts out as Michael and the history teacher are next to each other. Michael worries about how the teacher is back again. Michael is then sucked out of Minecraft and wonders how long he was gone. A day later, he's back in school and gets his grade back, again. And as usual, another 'F' on his grade. Michael asks the teacher how this Minecraft thing works. The history teacher explains and surprisingly he knows how Minecraft works and says that if you die in Minecraft, you die in real life, and that he kills Michael in Minecraft so he wouldn't get arrested for it. Later, Steve trains Michael and his fans to kill the teacher and the haters. The subs fight the haters. When JWM is killed, he is still smiling. Bonzi Buddy also appears later on and Michael said that people would unsubscribe if Bonzi wasn't in the episode. Later, all the subscribers were killed.

Transcript: Edit

History Teacher: I'm back.

Michael: Oh no! It's the history teacher again! [Michael is back irl (in real life)] Woah, I got sucked backed out of Minecraft! I wonder how long I was gone.

[transition: "one day later". The scene switches back to the school]

History Teacher: Alright, I'm giving you back your grades on the test. And Super Minecraft Kid failed because HE'S AN IDIOT!"

Michael: Wha- what- Dafuq do you mean?​ [he gets another 'F' and a message saying 'see me after class']

History Teacher: Haha, you failed the quiz because YOU'RE GAY AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYTHING!!

Michael: History teacher, how does this Minecraft thing work?

History Teacher: Well you see, whenever you die in Minecraft, you die in real life. That's why, since I hate you so much, I try to kill you in Minecraft, cause I wouldn't get arrested, then.

Michael: Oh. Well I'm gonna fight you to the death!


History Teacher: I think that'll be hard. I got all the Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's haters in the world, and they're all working for ME! So take that!

Michael: Oh no! What the fuck am I gonna do?! Steve, what do I do?!

Steve: Well, first I'm gonna have to train you and you're just gonna get all your subscribers and we're going to fight against the Minecraft haters.

Michael: Alright!

Steve: Firstly, did you know that your golden sword- your- golden swor-

Michael: It's butter!!

Steve: Sorry. Did you know that your butter sword can bring people back to life?

Michael: Woah! Holy SHIT! You're right! Come on, subscribers, we're gonna work together and defeat all of my enemies, all the Five Nights at Freddy's haters! Let's GO!

History Teacher: It's been a long time, Michael.

Michael: You bet, I'm gonna kick your fucking ass! [readies his subscribers for battle] Alright, my subscribers, prepare to fight for your life! LET'S DO THIS! We shall defend against the Five Nights at Freddy's haters, and all the Minecraft haters, LET'S GO!  ​[the war starts]

Subscriber: Ya-ya. Ooh,

[smk reminds the audience that the gray guys are haters]

JWM321: Oh, yeah!

[hater kills JWM321]

[JWM321 screams]

Bonzi Buddy: I'm Bonzi Buddy! Ya-ya-ya. I'm like Barney, like gay.

Michael: Shut up, get out of my sight! You were just in by this video, because people said they would unsubscribe if you weren't in it. So, fuck you!

[hater kills subscriber]

Subscriber: Ahh! I died!!

Michael: No! They killed JWM321 and he killed all of my subscribers, every single last one! Ok, history teacher. This time, we're gonna kill you! In revenge for all of my subscribers and JWM321.

Finale Edit

The final battle starts out as Steve gets killed by the history teacher, in which the teacher has a gun. Then Chica runs in front of Michael, probably sacrificing herself in order to save him. This is probably so that Michael planned the plot in where he is still alive or whatever. Then a frame of Michael killing the history teacher is left on for more than 2 minutes. The few last frames are the teacher's intestines hanging out of his mouth and Michael with his butter sword and then reviving Chica.

Transcript: Edit

History Teacher: Time for the final battle, Michael.

Michael: I'm gonna fuck you up!

[the history teacher shoots Steve]

Steve: No!!

Michael: STEVE! FUCK! I fucking hate you, History Teacher!

 History Teacher: Now I'm gonna kill you!

Michael: Oh fuck! [Chica stands in front of Michael to save him] Noooooooo! Chica! Chica. No. No. NO! [ragequitting voice] FUCK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FUCKING!! HATE!!! YOUUUU!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GODD! I! YOU! ARE THE WORST! FUCKING STUPID BEING! I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF KNOWING! YOU FUCKING! GIVE ME AN 'F' ON MY FINAL FUCKING GRADE! And guess what? Gueeeeessss whaaat? Gueeeeessss whaaat? LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You fucking gave me an F, and now I'm fucking repeating a fucking grade. Guess who I have? Guess who I have for history again? FUCKING!!!! YYOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! YOUUU!!!!!!!!! [ragequit] WHAT THE FUCK! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! ​You're all like, 'Michael. Michael, Michael, Michael. Why don't you actually study?' And I'm like, 'BECAUSE, YOURE A GAY TEACHER AND SCHOOL IS GAYY!!!!' SO FUCK YOU, I HATE YOU! SO FUCKING MUCH AND I HOPE, THAT YOU SEE MINECRAFT ANIMATED, SO YOU CAN REALISE HOW TERRIBLE OF A PERSON YOU ARE!! [ragequit] I FUCK YOU, HISTORY TEACHER! FUCK YOU FUCKING, FUCK YOU, YOU CUNT, N, SHIT, DICK, MOTHERFUCKING LITTLE DICK, MOTHERFUCK, TITTY FUCK, CUNT! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [the history teachers intestines pour out of his mouth] Those are his intenstines, BECAUSE I FUCKING HATE HIM! So fucking much, I wish I don't fucking have him.[not raged anymore] What did Steve say about the butter sword?

Steve: ['who is appearently able to talk right now] Remember, Michael. The butter sword can bring back anybody.

Michael: That's right. I can bring people back to life! That's awesome!

[Chica is revived]

Chica: Hi, Michael.

Michael: Chica, you're back!

Chica: Michael, there's something I want to tell you.

Michael: What is it, Chica?

Chica: I love you.

Michael: I love you too, Chica.


​Season 2Edit

​Episode 1 Edit

The first episode of the second season of Minecraft Animated has Michael being bored, which gets him to watch TV. A news report is held, specifically about the history teacher's death (referred by his actual name, 'Mr Cleasel'. Michael logs into Minecraft using the same layout like in the first season. He sees a gravestone in Minecraft for Steve (he didn't revive him even though he revived Chica). Chica asks Michael what's wrong. Michael says that he misses all of his friends. He then sees two more gravestones for JWM321 and his subscribers. Suddenly, Chica disappears. One day later, Michael gets a letter, saying that if he wants to save Chica, he will have to get through Nintendo, revealing that they had kidnapped Chica (possible nod to ​Mario). Michael then declares to stop NIntendo once and for all.


​[transition: in real life]

​Michael: ​I'm really bored. Let's watch some TV.

​[news report with the history teacher on the left and a guy with an arrow pointing at his hair which says 'ponytail]7

News Reporter:​ This just in! A new - uh - Mr Cleasel has been found dead in his own home. His death is unknown, the cause of his death is unknown.

​[cut to the same badly drawn Minecraft menu screen from the first season]

​Michael: ​Alright, I think I'm gonna log in to Minecraft now. ​[he presumably back in Minecraft like in the first season. He sees a gravestone for Steve]​ Goddammit, I miss Steve!

​[Chica appears]

​Chica:​ What's wrong, Michael?

​Michael: ​Nothing, Chica. I-it's just that I miss all of my friends. ​[he sees two more gravestones for JWM321 and his subscribers. Music starts playing, then stops. Chica is now somehow gone]. ​Wait a minute. Chica, ​where are you?![transition: one day later (in real life). Now Michael has a letter] ​What's this? I got a letter. 'Dear Michael, if you ever want to see Chica again, you're gonna have to get through us! Sincerely, Nintendo. Oh shit, they took Chica! Alright, I'm going on an adventure right now to stop Nintendo once and for all!

Episode 2 Edit

Angry at losing Chica, Michael refuses to forgive Nintendo and threatens to murder every Nintendo character. First, he proceeds to kill Kirby, who says that he's gay and antsnto show how to 'suck big penises', while singing his theme song horribly.  He then kills Mega Man, who wants everyone to look at him shooting 'bad robots' with his 'gay gun' and doesn't know how his gun is his hand somehow. Michael terribly tries to sound cool telling him to get a real gun. Finally he kills Mario who says that he got a new hat with eyes and laughs at his new game coming out and says that he can't even kill anything. After killing all of the Nintendo characters, Michael notices Steve's gravestone, but he remembers his advice on the first season, in which the Butter Sword can revive anyone from the dead. Steve tells Michael that he will help him fight against Nintendo and save Chica. Meanwhile (in real life), a Nintendo worker warns his boss that all of the Nintendo characters are dead. The boss tells him to go away and says that everything is going according to his plan and laughs evilly, as he reveals himself to be Shigeru Miyamoto, as the episode ends.

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