History Teacher
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Mr. Cleasel
Vital statistics
Position Teacher
Age middle age
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 123 Pounds

The History Teacher is the main antagonist in the SuperMinecraftKid Animated series. In the last video SMK posted (the last ever), SMK says his History Teacher's name is "Mr.Cleasel". He is a black, bald middle-aged man, usually seen with a black shirt. The history teacher claims he has a wife and children, but that may have been a hoax in order to create a dilemma for Super minecraft kid to stop him from killing him.

The history teacher's ultimate goal is to murder Super minecraft kid due to how much he hates him, although it has been speculated that he wanted revenge for Super minecraft kid killing him because he gave him an F on the history test (unintentionally grounding him).

In class Edit

The history teacher is first seen in the first episode giving test results. He gave Super Minecraft kid an F on the test and insulted him. He appears to stride against the teacher's code of ethics, as he calls Super minecraft kid stupid and gay on numerous occasions, even when he's home, without anyone in his presence. After he gave him an F on yet another test, he had a talk with SMK and revealed that death in Minecraft means death in real life.


The History Teacher met SMK in Minecraft and was attacked by said kid. Wounded, he begged for mercy, but Super minecraft kid killed him without any hesitation.

After his death, he goes to hell, where he meets Balloon boy, who recurrects him from the dead. They become allies and plan the attack on Super Minecraft kid. In the attack Balloon boy was killed immediately. History teacher in retaliation broke SMK's diamond sword with his bare hands. He was then defeated by Chica.

Apparently, he survived that, either because he wasn't killed or he can come back from the dead by himself. In his final attack, he ordered all Minecraft and FNAF haters to attack SMK and his allies. The attack succeeded: all SMK subscribers and JWM321 were killed by the haters. The History Teacher shoots Steve and then shoots Super Minecraft kid, but Chica takes the bullet for him. In unprecedented rage, Super Minecraft kid kills The History Teacher, this time permanently.

Deaths Edit

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The History teacher dies 2 times (Possibly 3) in Minecraft animated.

Killer Weapon Status
SMK Diamond Sword Went to hell then came back to life
Chica Fist not sure if he died but does come back episodes later
SMK Butter Sword Dead since his intense came out.

Relations Edit

Superminecraftkid (Michael) Edit

The History Teacher hates SMK because of his swag and all of his subscribers and also the fact that The History Teacher is a Mario fan boy and SMK is not. He gives SMK F's since he hates him so much with nothing on the paper. He also forces SMK to go back to his class in the next year to fail him again. He goes into minecraft to try to kill him because if you die in minecraft you die in real life and he won't get arrested. He failed multiple times and SMK killed him twice even pulling out his intense.

Balloonz Boy Edit

While they didn't spend much time together they bonded over their hatred for SMK and for him sending them into hell. when Balloonz Boy is murdered by SMK's Skills History teacher confessed his love for him because he is gay.

Minecraft and FNAF haters Edit

He has an alliance with all the haters of everything SMK hates and they are all gay. He loves his minions but there is not much of them due to the fact that how could you hate on the best game ever made of all time.

Chica, Steve,JWM321 and SMK's Subscribers Edit

He hates them for teaming up with SMK and also for being fan boys or a part of FNAF and Minecraft. He kills Both Chica and Steve while JWM321 is captured by his ally Mario and then killed by his minions along with SMK's Subscribers.

Mario Edit

He loves Mario's Cartoon baby graphics and is blindly by it and doesn't know its a rip off he found Mario in the kindergarten and made him captured SMK's ally JWM321.

Trivia Edit

  • He appears to have Minecraft, due to the fact that he can warp onto the Minecraft dimension.
  • He stated that he is gay and had a crush on Balloonz boy.
  • He is presumably a Five nights at Freddy's hater,since they fight by his side in the great war in episode 6.
  • It seems he also knows Bonzi buddy, as he took the history teacher's side, fighting Super minecraft kid directly before he was killed by a strike to the heart.
  • He makes a cameo in the second season on the news.
  • Literally the best human on the earth. Anyone that dislikes this person should immediately be sent to a mental institution run by Nurse Ratched. After all, fans of this person are no younger than 4, and they stole brains of unborn fetuses.

Quotes Edit

  • "All Right Class I'm the history teacher and I'm giving you back your test."
  • "That's because you're an idiot, Michael. Shut the fuck up!"
  • "Please don't kill me I have a lot to live for I have a wife and Kids!"
  • "No! I was in love with him, because I'm fucking gay."
  • "Ow you fucking hit me!"
  • "I'm Back!"
  • "I have all the minecraft and FNAF haters and there all working for me so take that!"
  • "It's been a long time."
  • "Now I'm going to kill you!"


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