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• 4/22/2016

make me admin plz

make python admin plz Ok you dont have to.
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• 3/21/2016

I'm hiring moderators to mess around with this place.

Since my life is kinda busy, I decided to stab a fork in a toaster, but before I do I want moderators to do my dirty work while I get all the credit, these people will occasionally come to this wiki (maybe once a month) and edit some vandals and make pages if they feel like it... but mostly because I'm a lazy fuck and I'm bad at moderating and editing.
First person to comment will automatically become moderator, next few will have to prove themselves.
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• 11/15/2015

An announcement...

So you may have heard that Super Minecraft Kid is grounded. This wiki will be on hokd until he's back. Rest in pieces, best youtuber.
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